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Grade ”A” Optical Crystal blank stock

The best material for the best designs

Are you looking for a customized award that fulfills your every expectation? Here at Cristaux International, we offer you custom crystal awards of the highest quality tailored to your specific event. Come and see for yourself what we can offer you!

Learn more about our most popular material.

Blue crystal on clear base

Timeless recognition with crystal awards by Cristaux

“Cristaux is French for “crystal”. And when crystal is in the hands of our expert team, true magic happens. Not only do we use the highest quality for our crystal awards, but we also know how to work with it. With our precision and craftsmanship, your vision for the custom award made from crystal can take any form. To uphold our unmatched standards, we always achieve the exceptional for our clients.

Clear crystal with decorated base

How to make crystal awards

Crystal is moderately flexible to work with. Due to the material’s low working temperature, it is easier to sculpt and embellish than other award materials. However, it does tend to be thinner. Despite its slimness, it can still carry substantial weight.

Depending on your vision, there are a few different ways to shape crystal.We can use, for example, a waterjet. This machine uses a pressurized water stream to cut through thick materials. We can also shape crystal by using the Pate de Verre method. This allows us to press the crystal into a mold.

When designing and producing custom crystal awards, we also consider the other materials we can use. A piece made out of crystal is refined and sophisticated. However, this material also pairs well with others like metal, marble, and 3D-printed elements.

Crystal buffalo in the color fill process

Personalized + engraved custom crystal creations

How easily a material is processed determines how personalized a piece is. For example, crystal and aluminum have differences in this flexibility. While some aluminums are painted, crystal can be personalized through digital printing, sand etching, and embedding. When deciding what to include on your custom crystal award, consider the following:

  • Award program details
  • Recipient information
  • Company branding
  • Inspirational symbols

Far too often, clients disregard the significance of personalization. To avoid subpar results, make sure to adjust personalization effects when you first proof the design.

Our in-house personalization capabilities include more than the decoration of a custom crystal award. From live production status updates to studio photography, our team works hard to support you throughout the process. Seeking vendors with personalization control is one of our recognition rules to live by.

Black and clear crystal knives

High-end crystal awards, trophies + more: limitless forms + materials

At Cristaux, we offer a diverse set of custom crystal awards. However, we are always on the lookout for something new to design. For your project, we’re excited to incorporate crystal in different forms and with other materials. Identify your vision and explore which crystal awards are possible.

Crystal football trophy

Custom trophy awards

Custom trophies are reserved for the fiercest achievers and leaders. Crystal is the best suited material to make a statement. From gaming trophies to football tournaments, crystal is the winning material for your champions. Make your custom crystal award special with company branded shapes, colors, and content.

Abstract metal form on crystal base

Custom metal awards

Metal gives any award a glossy and polished effect. When paired with crystal, it becomes even more elevated. With the shine of metal and the dazzle of crystal, each piece is undeniably striking. Additionally, metal and crystal both work well for custom statue and custom sculpture awards.

Crystal in UV digital print process

Custom glass awards

Glass is a refined choice of material. You can celebrate a new milestone with custom wine glasses or honor deserving employees with personal sales awards. However, it is important to consider the differences between glass and crystal. From clarity to cut, these two materials are not as similar as they may seem.

Acrylic tower with metal coin embedded in the top

Custom acrylic awards

No matter how unique your vision is, acrylic is an exceptional option. It is a durable yet light-weight choice for any custom award. At Cristaux, we use Lucite: the industry’s leading acrylic. This material is easy to mold and looks cohesive with other textures.

Celebrate success with high-end crystal awards by Cristaux

Through excellent production and personalization, our crystal awards are the ultimate solution for prestige and elegance. We work hard to handcraft the best creation for your vision. With crystal, we design beautiful and distinctive recognition pieces that are built to last.

Like the high quality of crystal, our project management solutions are just as superior. From white glove service to drop shipping, your experience is our top priority. Discover what’s possible with crystal.

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FAQs: Custom Crystal Awards

Custom crystal awards are suitable for a wide range of occasions, including corporate events, employee recognition, sports achievements, academic accomplishments, and milestone celebrations. They can also be used for acknowledging exceptional contributions in fields like arts, sciences, or outstanding community service.

You can customize a crystal award by choosing its shape, size, and design. Personalization elements can include engraved text messages, names, dates, or even embedded images and logos. At Cristaux, you can expect to find custom crystal awards that fulfill your every expectation.

This is how it works:

  • You submit an inquiry.
  • We will have a conversation with you about your vision.
  • We will send you one or two design concepts.
  • We manufacture your custom crystal awards.
  • We ship your items.
  • You will confirm your satisfaction and the safe arrival of your custom crystal awards.

Please find more information by viewing our  awards creation process.

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