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Capture Your Brand and Vision

Nothing beats that awe-inspiring feeling of holding one of our replicas in your hands. Product replicas exemplify your hard work, character, and achievements. These one-of-a-kind projects celebrate company branding and product innovation. Discover how our team will elevate and actualize your replica vision with great honor and care.

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Carnival cruise ship crystal product replica

Product replicas – designs that define your company

To replicate an idea to its fullest potential, one must capture the meaning behind it. The replica must embody the whole idea – from the initial inspiration all the way to the end design.

With building and product replicas by Cristaux, the executed design not only mirrors the spirit of your brand. It also tells the story of your hard work and dedication. To celebrate your achievements, we take immense pride in developing unique creations for you and your team.

Crystal Swiss Air airplane product replica

What are product replicas?

Product replicas are recreations that capture the likeness of goods that are essential to your brand. However, these custom awards are more than reproducing a design. It is about capturing reality and building brand awareness. An exceptional replica design reminds you of that one special achievement every time you see it.

Unique designs by Cristaux

At Cristaux, we can transform any concept into a striking select creation.
To find inspiration for your product replica, consider the following examples from our portfolio.

Gold plated Budweiser bottle product replica

Bottle product replicas

Product replicas can be used to celebrate partnerships, event awards, promotions, and more. For Anheuser Busch, we designed and produced product replicas of the legendary beer bottle. This design incorporated 24k gold and company branded elements to create an inspirational and prestigious piece.

molded Crystal construction safety helmet replica

Construction + safety product replicas

Construction and safety product replicas can be used for safety awards, milestone awards, or employee recognition programs. At Cristaux, we have taken everyday elements and created replicas of safety cones and construction helmets. Consider these ideas to elevate your own safety recognition program.

MGM boxing ring crystal replica with sand etch and colorfill base.

Sports product replicas

Whether recreating a baseball bat or a boxing ring, Cristaux is well-versed in sports product replicas. You can celebrate the best with a custom replica or a custom trophy. When it comes to sports product replicas, find inspiration from the most prestigious and valuable sports trophies.

Gold plated poptart and toaster product replica

Consumer product replicas

With consumer product replicas, the possibilities are endless. You can recognize employees for innovative product design. Celebrate your company’s history and achievement with a replica of one of your foundational products, or honor your leading sales staff with a company branded sales trophy or a President’s Club Award.

What materials are used for creating custom product replicas?

The materials we use most to create custom product replicas are crystal, metal, and 3D-printed resin.
However, these pieces can also be made from diverse materials like acrylic, wood, or stone.

Crystal Replica Stock SafetyCone

Crystal product replicas

Crystal product replicas embody timelessness and sophistication. Crystal allows for intricate personalization and elevated design. Because of these strengths, this material also works wonderfully for building replicas with detailed concepts.

EDM Wire cut metal machined Maserati logo powder coat painted

Metal product replicas

Stunning and strong, metal product replicas celebrate achievements with style. This high-quality material brings great class to any custom award. Whether used as the main or accenting material, metal is an excellent choice.

3D Printed Safari vehicle with hand painted details

3D-printed product replicas

3D-printed product replicas showcase close attention to detail. This technology allows us to print, paint, and assemble multiple components. We can also use 3D-lasering to produce a whole product replica inside a piece of crystal.


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Redefine brand passion with product replicas by Cristaux

Now that you know the basics of product replicas, it’s time to craft your design. Collaborate with Cristaux and replicate excellence for years to come. During the design process, we’ll discover the spark within your company. As we manufacture your custom piece, we’ll make sure it shines. Then, we’ll support you through the program’s logistics with our comprehensive recognition awards. Now is the time to celebrate your efforts.

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