5 Replica Designs to Elevate Custom Brand Recognition

Samantha Mikos

Commemorating the important moments in life is more than a tradition. Whether planning an upcoming milestone celebration or organizing a corporate giveaway, the design of a custom brand recognition project must be deliberately planned. 

Businesses commemorate high achievements as an act of appreciation to further drive the success of a brand. Even so, simply handing out an award is no longer accepted as a genuine act of appreciation. 

Sincere recognition of high achievements not only drives employee engagement, but a meaningful gesture is more likely to generate repeat acts of success.

To ensure this repeat outcome, many companies raise the bar when it comes to recognition. If you decide to take your custom brand recognition designs to the next level, here are five unique forms of project replicas that heighten employee performance.


How well an employee incentive program stands out can be an important indicator on whether or not a company retains talent. In order to attract the best talent, many companies are finding unique ways to spice up awards show incentives.

Considered the most iconic representation of a brand, company logos take the cake when it comes to corporate identity. Awards that contain them are the most recognizable forms of brand recognition. A major time investment, logos can be the most intentional representation of the spirit of a brand.

Oftentimes, logos are used in award recognition when there is an update in the design or a full company rebrand. There is no better way to make a statement with award designs than using an updated company logo to showcase the new future of a company. Whether using letters as a shortened version of the logo or implementing the complete design, the framework can easily translate to a 3-dimensional piece. 


Along with logos, company products or integral objects are the blueprint of a brand. As a result, incorporating them into the recognition design, a piece of the core of a company is gifted to the recipient. 

Custom product or object replicas work best with presentations, dedications and deal toys, but there is no limit to its purpose. This tangible representation holds a special meaning because it represents the function and definition of the company.  


In conjunction with tangible, realistic designs, statues and sculptures are unique and in a class of themselves. As a result, statue and sculpture replicas are a physical representation of the human experience.

Commonly used in award shows such as the Golden Globes, custom statue and sculpture awards are not limited to a particular concept. Furthermore, they are a great way to transform award ceremonies, lifetime achievement awards or even honor mergers and acquisitions.  


Building replicas celebrate the power of innovative architectural designs. In other words, they illuminate the magnitude of structure design and portray the passion and dedication of every individual involved in the execution.

New construction of commercial, residential and hotel buildings are common instances in which custom building replicas are designed. Although many commercial model companies tend to replicate buildings with pewter or wood, a crystal model replica stands out to exemplify the true spirit of a grand vision.

For example, a custom replica may be gifted to an architect on a project. Similarly, custom building replicas can be a personalized welcome to a new business partner, sharing a symbolic foundation of the partnership. They can also be used as partner incentives to strengthen relationships. Subsequently, both of these instances showcase how building replicas put the stunning essence of architectural design in the palm of your hands.


If you have not had a chance to update your current recognition program designs to a modern award, you are not alone. Project redesign can take up time that program managers might not always have.

While you may have had the same design for the past five or more years, many companies can replicate it. By making minor adjustments, recognition projects can have an enhanced process and overall result. For instance, upgrades such as material substitutions or adjustments to personalization effects can significantly elevate clarity and precision.

Cristaux does not stop until a custom brand recognition project is exactly what you envision. Connect with us to learn more about how to use replicas to your advantage.