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Bring Your Recognition Program to Life

Like cooking with the best ingredients or sewing with the most luxurious fabrics, working with the top-rated award materials is essential to creating excellent recognition programs. It’s also critical to work with someone who knows how to work with various materials.

At Cristaux International, we offer a wide array of high-quality materials. We’ll work closely with you through each step of the creation process, to make sure we create the type of custom award you imagine for your program. Discover what’s possible with our vast selection and capabilities.

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What are the most important award materials?

The Cristaux team believes that we can find the perfect material for every client vision and budget. Browsing our great array of materials, you’ll find many options for your custom recognition pieces. With the help of our experts, you’ll confidently decide on the best material for your program.

crystal cross tower


Crystal is Cristaux’s namesake. We specialize in crystal work and pride ourselves in our expertise and creations. For refined and elevated awards and gifts, crystal delivers great weight and brilliance. Also, we can achieve intricate etching for a masterful finish. We use grade “A” optical crystal because we want the best for our clients.

glass panel dealtoy with sand etch and digital print


Custom glass awards are clean and classy. Glass pairs well with other textures and works well as panels. Also, glass is similar to crystal but has its differences. For example, custom glass work is lighter than crystal. Discover all the details to consider when deciding between glass and crystal.

Metal pillars with black and red crystal attachments


From aluminum to nickel to alloys, metal offers countless options for your awards. This strong and sleek material can be easily shaped and finished to fit any design. It comes in many colors and can be painted. Also, it can be used as a veneer for a cost-effective concept.

Acrylic plaque with digital print personalization


Acrylic is known for its versatility. It is available in countless colors and easily fits into molds for diverse projects and budgets. At Cristaux, we use Lucite: the leading type of acrylic in the industry. We prioritize premium quality for our clients and source materials that will meet our standards of excellence.

Wood pillar with digital print personalization. Metal plate wrapped around it


Wood is a natural and sustainable material, each piece sporting its own unique grain. From walnut to pine to cherry, its many varieties allow us to create a wooden trophy that stands out from the rest. Whether polished or stained, each wooden award has a special charm that cannot be replicated. Also, wood is a great option for eco-friendly recognition pieces.

marble plaque with sand etch and black colorfill

Marble + Stone

Cristaux offers many types of stone, from granite to marble. A stone trophy carries great significance due to the material’s weight and style. Like wood, each piece of stone is unique. It brings great character and can be used as an award base, panel, or whole piece.

3D printed safari jeep and hand painted

3D printed

A 3D printed trophy is a feat of innovation and creative design. 3D-printing technology allows us to make intricate elements for awards and gifts. 3D-printing works wonders for product replicas, recreating concepts with the utmost precision. Also, 3D printing allows for easy and rapid prototyping.

gold resin abstract trophy


Resin is flexible and complementary for many award designs, given that it easily takes the shape of unique molds. It pairs well with other materials and is often used for cost-effective custom awards. Resin awards include plaques, deal toys, and more.

How are awards being created at Cristaux?

At Cristaux, we pride ourselves in our client-focused creation process. We do everything we can to support every client and to bring their vision to life. We have developed a seamless awards creation process, designed to secure even the most minor program details.

Sketching on a digital wacom program

Design Process

During design consultations, we gather as much information about your program as we can. This way, we can execute your vision with confidence. We offer rapid prototyping and virtual showroom appointments to add to your customer service experience.

assembling metal plates onto towers

Manufacturing Process

Our expert craftspeople have diverse skills and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to make your awards, trophies, and gifts. Throughout the production of your pieces, our team checks for quality to ensure superb results and consistency. Beyond manufacturing, we offer drop shipping to directly deliver recognition pieces to your recipients.

What types of awards are created at Cristaux?

The Cristaux team offers many types of awards, yet we are always looking for new ideas to realize. From trophies to medals to gifts, we proudly present our diverse selection of creations.

black crystal wedge awards with sand etch and white colorfill

Custom Awards

Custom awards take personalization to a whole new level. You can work with us to create a one-of-kind award designed and produced for your program and no one else. A custom design will separate your team from the share and show that you tremendously care.

Crystal deal toy with digital print personalization

Deal Toys

Deal toys and financial tombstones celebrate those big business moments, from partnerships to acquisitions. At Cristaux, we challenge ourselves to innovate different techniques to incorporate each deal’s details, organizations involved, and more. We often commemorate mergers and real estate property deals with elements from parties involved or the physical property being honored.

Digitally printed and anodized nest structure on acrylic base with water

Building and Product Replicas

Our product and building replicas are executed with great attention to detail. We specialize in crystal replicas, but resin also works wonderfully when producing these exquisite pieces. Replicas make fantastic corporate gifts, milestone awards, and employee recognition pieces.

cut and polished Louis Vuitton logo on leather wrapped base

Company Branded

Company branded creations celebrate everything that makes your organization unique. We can incorporate company logos, colors, values, and founders each design. We want to create something special for your team to cherish. Branded pieces include internal signage, lapel pins, and luggage tags.

CNC routered metal plate with logo in the middle

Select Creations

Select creations include one-of-a-kind pieces with diverse purposes like promotional products and award statues. With each custom piece, we aim to create an extraordinary experience for your honorees and recipients. We realize some of the most creative concepts with our in-house operations and capabilities.

Metal plaque with crystal front – sand etch and colorfill orange


Cristaux aims to elevate plaques with modern designs and high-quality awards. You can never go wrong with these timeless recognition pieces. They are convenient and classic. Plaques are easily personalized and allow you to recognize accomplishments with your recipient in mind.

Choose the award materials that fit your brand best

Considering all the award materials you can choose, your recognition dreams are limitless with Cristaux. We work hard every day to modernize recognition and to empower our clients and their teams. We can’t wait to meet you and hear your organization’s story.

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