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Event awards are the centerpiece of meaningful occasions. These trophies remind recipients of the greatest nights of their lives. Through creative designs, awards can capture strong feelings and bring a brand’s story to life. At Cristaux, we make outstanding awards to upgrade events and ceremonies. With well-crafted trophies, organizations can evolve their recognition efforts.

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Gears of War E-Sports Awards

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Event Awards by Cristaux

At Cristaux International, we use innovation to create excellent awards and logistical solutions for our clients. From top-tier designers to microsite offerings, we have the team and tools to elevate your event award programs. Whether supporting an annual gala or corporate conference, we are committed to creating unforgettable experiences for your award recipients and guests. 

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What are event awards?

An event award or trophy is a recognition piece given to recipients at organized occasions. These creations can recognize outstanding achievements, individuals, and teams. Additionally, these recognition pieces can come in different forms like plaques and medals. Examples of events and accomplishments to celebrate include employee achievements, tournaments, and business milestones. 

How to create event awards with Cristaux 

To run a program from A to Z, organizations need custom event award solutions. With tailored services, any program can achieve vast scales and incorporate branding at every step. At Cristaux, we’ve developed a streamlined creation process so that we can achieve excellence for our clients. 

Event Awards Creative Design


Our team of award designers and engineers challenge conventions and create innovative concepts. Creative design is a pillar of our business and helps distinguish custom programs for events. With a client’s vision in mind, our team members start the creation process with a one-of-a-kind concept and plan.  

Event Awards Manufacturing


By using rapid prototyping, we can test and approve concepts before ordering full productions. We can build trust and confidence in a design. With our network of vendors around the world, we can fabricate outstanding pieces. Led by excellence, the Cristaux team and its partners work hard to perfect our techniques and source the best materials 

Event Awards Personalization


Personalized awards symbolize everything that makes recognition special. Whether engraving or digitally printing details, we can add unique touches to elevate event trophies and gifts. Awards can be decorated with the following information and more. 

  • Recipient name 
  • Company name and branding 
  • Program name 
  • Year 
  • Inspirational quote 
Event Awards Shipping Package


No matter where your event takes place, we’ll make sure your awards get there. With international connections and simplified shipping processes, we ensure swift and safe delivery. Also, our drop shipping solution directly sends awards to recipient addresses. Whether award winners can’t attend, or an occasion is hosted virtually, our team will make sure each honoree receives their deserved recognition. 

Case Study

Twitch Choice Awards

Types of event awards and trophies 

In the world of recognition, there are countless creations that can elevate an event. From corporate gifts to trophy cups, these pieces greatly contribute to an occasion’s image and character. To convey different effects and values, any brand can use awards to enhance their programs. 

Event Awards Corporate Award Winners

Corporate Awards

Corporate awards add to a company’s story and bring its brand to life. By creating unique pieces, organizations show they take recognition seriously. Also, custom awards elevate experiences and reinforce a positive reputation with event attendees. Consider creating company awards for employee appreciation events and fundraisers. 

Event Awards Custom Plaque


Plaques are a traditional type of recognition open to being reinvented. With unique materials and designs, award plaques can complement an array of occasions. From employee recognition to donor appreciation, plaques can express gratitude in many ways. 

Event Awards Custom Gold Silver Medals


Custom medals can complement sporting events, industry award galas, and more. These creations are extremely versatile. Ribbons, presentation boxes, and materials can be customized to make a unique vision a reality. 

Event Awards Custom Statue Trophy

Award Statues

To capture a one-of-a-kind concept, award statues convey elegance and prestige. Used at famous award shows like the Oscars and Grammys, statuettes can be traditional or modern. Whether recreating a historical figure or designing an abstract award, an event trophy can take on a broad range of characters and effects. 

Event Awards Product Replica

Building + Product Replicas

Whether celebrating a grand opening or new product development, replicas capture monumental achievements in hand-sized awards. These creations perfectly honor complicated projects and hardworking teams. At Cristaux, our product replicas and building replicas are crafted with the utmost precision and excellence. 

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Crafting unique memories and moments is essential for growing brands. With outstanding awards and unforgettable events, organizations can have a special place in the hearts of their team members and supporters. With a recognition vendor like Cristaux, you can create programs that uplift and evolve your company. 

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