Gears of War E-Sports Awards
Case Study

Gears of War E-Sports Awards

Gears of War is a series of video games. The team organizing its global e-sports competition set out to find the perfect award for its winner.


Custom Awards


3d + Resin


Event Awards

EA3 1

The Challenge

For the Gears of War champion, we had to create a physical product based off digital renderings. With intentions to exceed at least 20” in height, the awards needed to be produced quickly and within a strict budget. The client requested to have these creations made from machined aluminum, although going that route would have far exceeded their budget and weighed a minimum of 100 lbs.


The Solution

Our team decided to re-engineer the digital renderings in a way where we could 3D print these awards. This was quite a challenge because of the desired size. The design required exceptionally large 3D printers that were capable of an industrial scale.

Once the creations were 3D printed, we hand-finished the awards by sanding them down. To finish it off, we coated the awards in a PMS matched metallic paint.

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