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Exceed expectations with Exceptional Services

White glove services differentiate your program by taking the experience to a whole new level. With dedicated visual components and on-site capabilities, recognition goes beyond the scope of production.

The result: improved customer service that builds a stronger brand. By increasing the level of delivery efficiency, the end-to-end experience exceeds even the highest of expectations.

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Studio Photography

There’s nothing that solidifies a memory more than a photograph. With a digital inventory of your program, you can choose the story you want to tell. At Cristaux, we make what we create, so we are able to provide still photography during each stage of the manufacturing process.

Whether that is live action shots of your recognition pieces being made on our shop floor or photos of the finished product in our studio, this element will get people most excited about your upcoming event or conference.

Cristaux Videography


Interactive videos can show each stage of the manufacturing process in further detail. No matter what stage you’re at in production, we can provide video of your recognition pieces in real time.

Storytelling through video is a great way to tie your event or program back to your branding. By showing the behind the scenes details of what it takes to get the recognition into their hands, the emphasis on the overall dedication makes your program truly stand out.

Use it for social media or to stimulate excitement with a particular recipient. Either way, the appreciation for these details is unmatched.

Custom Crystal Award Sand Etch Production

On-Site Engraving

Events are all about the staged environment. From the lighting to the champagne, what truly makes your event special is the attention to details.

With Cristaux white glove services, local events have the benefit of claiming on-site engraving service. This is where we can offer the intimate experience of on-site, individualized engraving.

By having a station near your stage, our team will be fully equipped to etch the names of each recipient as they exit the stage.

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Door To Door Delivery Of Cristaux Branded Boxes

Door-to-Door Delivery

For end-to-end handling of your program, look no further than door-to-door delivery. We will ensure that all pieces will be handled with the utmost care and caution to satisfy all of your needs.

We will provide a step-by-step uncrating process as well to guarantee that your recognition does not leave our site until it is placed safely in your hands.

Take Your Recognition to the Next Level

White glove services set your program apart from the rest. Not only do you experience luxury in the form of specialized services, but you leave your customers feeling like their recognition is treated like the highest priority.

Elevate My Fulfillment Experience