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Polished Metal E President's Club Award on black crystal base

The Pinnacle of Success

For any salesperson or employee, President’s Club is one of the most elite honors. It is an achievement that is meant to be celebrated, and a custom President’s Club award captures that distinction. Cristaux has set the standard in partnering with companies for remarkable award creations and experiences. Our team will expertly navigate program management with changing times. Let’s work together to commemorate superior performance.

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What is the President’s Club Award?

The President’s Club award recognizes top performers. This annual recognition program rewards individuals for reaching or exceeding sales goals and quotas. These recipients set the bar for company growth, and this award gives others something to aspire towards. If your sales team is too small for a prestigious President’s Club, then consider these ideas for sales team motivation.

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What kinds of President’s Club Awards are there?

President’s Club awards come in various forms. There are different ways to word this kind of recognition program. To name your project, find inspiration from the following:

Additionally, there are other sales-related recognition programs that can be used to further distinguish your team’s accomplishments.

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Million Dollar Club

The Million Dollar Club is a sales award program that honors those who have a financial impact on a company. It recognizes sales representatives who conducted one million dollars’ worth of business. As individuals achieve more and more, this program can be expanded into a Multi-Million Dollar Club. You can award these sales champions with creations like custom medallions or custom sales trophies.

Silver medallion diecast personalization with black presentation case

Award Rankings

Any program can easily follow a ranking structure for members. Recipients may be honored with silver, gold, or platinum distinctions, honoring growth and the diversity of achievements. Many of your top-notch salespeople are always on the move, so custom luggage tags would allow them to travel in style while representing your brand in a classic way.

Gold metal star logo recreation on wood base. Laser burned personalization

President’s Club Award Template

From plaques to obelisks, any award can be personalized to embody your vision and your company brand. Nonetheless, the typical President’s Club award includes some or all the following information:

  • Year of Honoring
  • Award Name
  • Recipient Name
  • Message of Appreciation
  • Company Branding (colors, logo, etc.)
  • Performance Measures or Results

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Crystal faceted President's Club Award with digital print on backside

What is a President’s Club trip?

A President’s Club trip is the most common reward for this recognition program. A vacation is organized for the winners to celebrate their achievement with the executive team. Locations vary, but it is recommended for a new President’s Club to first start locally and expand to international destinations with time. Consider the following criteria when deciding where your trip will be:

  • Team Size
  • Budget
  • Organization’s Location
  • Travel Restrictions

Most trips offer all-expenses-paid packages. However, individuals can opt for upgrades if paying from their own wallets. A trip does not make or break a President’s Club. If you are unable to budget for this type of commemoration, you can offer your top achievers other rewards like travel vouchers or other high-end tangibles.

The Cristaux team will make sure your awards work flawlessly with your trip. Experts with proven solutions, we will first design your recognition with size and weight in mind. We understand that heavy or oversized awards can be a hassle with airport travel. Alternatively, for ease of travel, we can safely and swiftly drop ship each piece directly to your recipients’ doorsteps. Whether the destination is Hawaii or Paris, leave the logistics to us.

In what fields can sales reps receive President’s Club Awards?

Some of the more common industries that salespeople receive President’s Club awards in include — but are not limited to — the following fields:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Development
  • Consumer + Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power & Energy
  • Industrial
  • Oil + Gas
  • Healthcare
  • TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications)
  • FIG (Financial Institution Groups)

What does a President’s Club award for Real Estate industries look like?

Many President’s Club award programs within the real estate industry celebrate the top realtors. The real estate industry understands the worth in honoring achievements. They maintain their sales award programs throughout each quarter to ensure that successful individuals are recognized for their efforts.

Crystal President's Club Award on black crystal base. Red and silver color filled logo recreation

Who should be included in the President’s Club?

President’s Club is designed to motivate sales representatives. As a result, most companies only include members of the sales team who are working towards quotas. However, some organizations include others. Consider the following additions to your President’s Club:

  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales and Business Development Representatives
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Engineers
  • Non-Sales Roles (Marketing, Customer Service, etc.)
  • Executives

When honoring non-sales team members, it is vital to focus on the program as a whole. This way, each department is celebrated in a monumental way.

Crystal vase with metal cage insert. Crystal vase is sand etched

Is there any specific President’s Club qualification?

To decide who to include in a President’s Club, many companies tend to qualify candidates who are top achievers in sales efforts and company growth. There are different ways to measure and award your honorees. When choosing who qualifies for President’s Club, consider the following:

  • Organizational Goals
  • Company Culture and Values
  • Competitiveness
  • Team Size
  • Performance Results
  • Tenure

How to manage a President’s Club program affected by COVID-19

Many President’s Club programs have cancelled or postponed their trips and recognition events because of the impact of COVID-19. It is important to anticipate how your recognition program will change and how to respond. If your recognition program has experienced this shift, we have the tools to help guide you. 

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Remote + Digital Events

President’s Club celebrations have had to make the shift to remote events to honor their deserving team. As whole teams and entire companies adjust to working remotely, recognition tactics will change as well. To keep your company culture thriving through COVID-19, adapt to new ways of appreciating your team. Offering individualized support and celebrating small wins will go a long way with your employees.

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Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a vital asset for any modern, remote event. To honor the recognition that your top earners deserve, you can use drop shipping to ensure they receive their awards safely and directly to their doorsteps. Discover how to guarantee that your drop shipping program is a success.

President’s Club – the most exclusive way of rewarding your employees

Cristaux is proud to be a leading provider of President’s Club award design, manufacturing, and delivery. We take great pride in offering comprehensive program management and fulfillment that is built to suit every unique business.

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