Twitch Choice Awards
Case Study

Twitch Choice Awards

Twitch provides a video live streaming service and is known for video game streaming like esports competitions.

Twitch Choice Awards Gold Snake Statue 03


We like to think of Twitch’s Chat’s Choice Awards as the Oscars of video gaming. After leaving an unsatisfactory vendor, the client came to us with a unique vision in mind, so the Cristaux team had a lot to prove. They wanted to replace the head of the classic statuette with the head of a serpent. Additionally, we were working within a tight timeline and nonetheless had to ensure the highest quality.

Twitch Choice Awards Gold Snake Statue 02


For the short term, we created a prototype within two weeks that the client could use for their event. This was time-consuming because we wanted to ensure the best proportions for the design. To fabricate the award at a quick speed, we 3D-printed resin and plated the piece in gold. We were able to meet the client’s needs and deadline, while upholding our standards for excellence.

In the long run, we created steel molds for this program. This allowed us to create entirely metal awards moving forward. The new molds elevated the pieces and made them feel more substantial.

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