Black Crystal Pillar Award
Case Study

Black Crystal Pillar Award

APA Pool Billiards Sports Trophy Gold Silver 02


The client came to us to create trophies for the U.S. Amateur Championship tournament. First, APA wanted three different designs: one for the men’s champion, one for the women’s champion, and plaques for contestants who placed. Second, they imagined strong and heavy awards, envisioning trophies made entirely from crystal.

APA Pool Billiards Sports Trophy Gold Silver 03


To create the two champion trophies, we constructed pillars from black crystal. Then, we sculpted crystal by using our waterjet machine. We shaped this piece into the 9-ball rack, featured the APA logo, and colored it silver or gold.

Additionally, we created plaques that used a similar fashion and design elements from the pillars. A black crystal backing paired with a 9-ball rack replica and featured personalization. In the end, these custom creations were truly hefty and fulfilled the client’s vision.

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