Acrylic + Metal + Wood Pillars
Case Study

Acrylic + Metal + Wood Pillars


Custom Awards


Event Awards

BILD BlackTowers 02


The BILD team reached out to us because of our vast selection of materials. They wanted to create different event awards celebrating construction companies and sustainable organizations. To fulfil their vision, we put our brains together to figure out which materials to use and how.

BILD BlackTowers 03


To make sure all the awards looked good together, we designed a refined pillar concept with company branded medallions. However, we distinguished each award with a different material. One was made from wood and painted black, and the others were made from acrylic. The first acrylic piece was clear, and the other had a green tint.

As the program has grown over the years, our team created and manages a personal microsite for the BILD program. Our team fulfils all recipient reorders with great efficiency and care. Also, this award design has become iconic for this program, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

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