Cristaux’s Creation Process Timeline

Samantha Mikos

Creating a recognition program is a complex process that involves many moving parts and people. To make the most of awards and other creations, planning and time management play a vital role. Cristaux’s creation process timeline outlines the time needed for each step of the client journey.

From the first contact to the day the trophies arrive, we will provide every client with excellent customer service. The Cristaux International team believes that transparency is essential to gaining our customers’ trust and bringing to life seamless recognition programs.

Award show table with all the crystal trophies

Awards Creation Process Timeline

Below, we’ve described each step of our creation process. However, it’s important to consider the differences in creation types and any issues that may arise. For example, custom awards take longer to manufacture than pieces from our stock collection. The following times are estimates for the typical order.

1. Initial Contact

1 business day

Within 24 hours of completing the contact form on the Cristaux website, an account manager will call the client to discuss their program details. We will touch on the required delivery date, budget, vision, and quantity of pieces needed.

2. Custom Concepts

3-4 business days

Congratulations, the order has been qualified for a custom design! Within three to four business days after our first conversation, our creative design team will send the client design concepts.

Please disregard this step if ordering stock pieces.

3. Design Approval

1-3 business days

Once the client receives the design concepts, they are responsible for approving one of the designs. Typically, our clients take one to three business days to complete this step. Perhaps they want to touch base with their team before moving forward in our creation process.

Please disregard this step if ordering stock pieces.

4. Quoting

3-7 business days

Our quoting department will send the client a price to approve. The complexity of the order and required delivery date will determine how soon one receives their quote.

5. Quote Approval

1-3 business days

Like the first design approval, the quote approval normally takes clients one to three business days to complete. With the quote, we will provide the client with a lead time, or the estimated time to manufacture the pieces.

At this point, they may request rapid prototyping which will take an added two to three weeks to fulfill. This solution allows them to touch and interact with a sample before production begins. Holding a prototype in their hands, they can move forward with confidence and assurance.

Hope Award Laser Cutout Rapid Prototype

6. Order Processing

1-2 business days

Once the client approves the quote, our team will process the order and send the information to our art department. We want to make sure everything is perfect before transitioning from one team to another. In the end, our attention to detail pays off and helps create flawless recognition pieces.

7. Manufacturing

4-6 weeks (depending on the materials needed)

We can source, produce, and ship custom pieces to our warehouse within four to six weeks. However, custom creations using metal may take three months or longer because these pieces require a one-of-a-kind mold that takes more time to make.

Please disregard this step if ordering stock pieces.

8. Art Proofing

1-3 business days

After they receive the processed order, our art department will finalize all the program details. The client will receive a final art proof within one to three business days.

9. Final Design Approval

1-2 business days

Once the client receives the final art proof, they will have up to 48 hours to approve the final design and personalization information. If they do not meet this deadline, then the delivery date will be pushed back.

10. Production Preparation

3-5 business days

During this time, our art department creates files for the production team. Given the required delivery date and other projects in our pipeline, the order may take up to five days to begin production.

11. Production and Shipping

1-5 business days (depending on the quantity of pieces)

Production times vary.

  • 15 pieces or less: 1-2 business days
  • 25 to 50 pieces: 3-5 business days
  • 50 pieces or more: at least 5 business days

Once the pieces are finished and checked for quality, our manufacturing team will package and ship the items. To send individual pieces to recipient addresses, we can use drop shippingIf the client wants to send personalized gifts to every recipient, then we will take care of that for them because we want to create an unforgettable experience for every customer and honoree.

12. Tracking and Delivery

1-12 business days

We will track the packages to ensure safe and timely arrivals. The arrival time depends on where each package is going.

  • Within the Midwest: 1 business day
  • East Coast: 2-3 business days
  • West Coast: 4-5 business days
  • International Destinations: approximately 8-12 business days

This does not include rush orders.

Prototype Revolution Awards

The Big Picture

From the first contact to the day the pieces arrive, a client’s turnaround time depends largely on the kind of creations ordered.

  • Stock orders: 1-2 months
  • Custom orders without metal: 3-4 months
  • Custom orders with metal: 4-5 months

With this in mind, we ask that clients contact our team three to six months before they need pieces, depending on the type of creation they envision. This way, we can deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner.

We share our creation process timeline for the sake of transparency. Our team wants to provide excellent and trustworthy customer service to every client. We treat every story with respect and look forward to helping you tell yours.

Contact Cristaux to start creating your program today.