Custom Beer Bottle for Anheuser Busch
Case Study

Custom Beer Bottle for Anheuser Busch

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The Challenge

Holding exclusive sponsorship to the FIFA World Cup, Anheuser Busch sought to commemorate the momentous sporting event with an exceptional figure of their participation. A company of big ideas, ‘built on dreams’, the Anheuser Busch team did not disappoint in this project – asking that the object be made entirely of 24K gold.

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The Solution

Upon kicking off the project, Cristaux immediately entered an intense R&D process including a hand model process to ensure perfection throughout. The creation of proprietary zinc die cast molds enabled exacting standards, reflecting the true dimensions of the iconic beer bottle – with quality checks at every point. From there, each beer bottle was cast, with electroplating in 24K gold chosen in favor of solid gold – for a more economical yet equally striking result. Each layer of electroplated 24K gold holds at least 3.0 micron which is a measure of how thick the gold plating on the bottle was. The result is a spectacular promotional product, honoring and highlighting the important partnership between Anheuser Busch and FIFA World Cup.