Acrylic Digital Print Fingerprint
Case Study

Acrylic Digital Print Fingerprint

DSC 2376

The Challenge

A common request of the Cristaux design team, AOL wanted an innovative recognition piece but had a firm budget that they needed to uphold. Additionally, the client wanted to use the company’s core values in the design. We were excited to flex our creative muscles and reinvent common displays of corporate culture. 


The Solution

Keeping in mind our objectives, the Cristaux team used simple square panels of acrylic for this design. We worked with AOL to create an image that captured their core values. To complete the full vision, we arranged the values in the shape of a fingerprint which reinforced the brand identity in a special way. Lastly, we digitally printed the design in company branded colors onto the piece. This is one of our top 10 favorite concepts to date. 

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