T-Mobile Gift
Case Study

T-Mobile Gift

T-Mobile is a mobile telecommunication company delivering wireless services around the world.

T Mobile Pink Acrylic Cube Gift 03


The client came to Cristaux in search of custom corporate gifts. For the recognition pieces’ design, they envisioned pink cubes showcasing the trademark color of the T-Mobile brand. For our team, the biggest challenge would be replicating that vibrant hue.

T Mobile Pink Acrylic Cube Gift 02


To recreate T-Mobile’s branded pink, we started by trying different materials and seeing which was the best medium for this program. We finally decided to use acrylic because it brilliantly captures translucent, branded colors.

Next, we had to figure out how to personalize the gift pieces. We wanted to feature crisp and precise lettering with clean lines. After trial and error, we perfected our methods and found the best technique for perfect execution.

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