Case Study


The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is a household name as the leading consumer goods company of the world. Since its founding in 1837, P&G has provided its international users with products of high-quality and value.

Crystal Soap Bar Replica Sand Etch 002


The P&G team wanted to create recognition pieces for the members of their Ivorydale Technical Society. They envisioned an award that would display the company’s original ivory soap bar. They wished to feature their history with this vintage and foundational product. 

Crystal Soap Bar Replica Sand Etch 003


While designing, we decided we did not want to make a mold for this piece. As a result, we produced intricate cuts of crystal that were then braced and glued together. The whole design came together to reveal a flawless bar of soap: the perfect homage to their beginnings.

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