Case Study


A premium manufacturer of artificial intelligence systems and robots. Known for the robots they create for the the military space that defuse bombs. Their most notable robot is the one that is for the consumer space – a self-guided vacuum cleaner called the Roomba.



Code Name


IMG 1523

The Challenge

The wanted to recognize over 200 members of their staff with a nice memento of a recent product design that they were launching in the retail space. The challenge was to find a design that was universal, no matter the department as they wanted to recognize the hard work of everyone, from finance to engineers to sales reps.


The Solution

The Cristaux team got to work quickly and designed a custom, 3d clear crystal cube. We then 3d lasered engraving of the product itself, encompassing a full product replica instead each cube. To top it off, we customized a personal gift box with the silver foil stamp of the iRobot brand to give it extra sentimental value to each employee.