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The Podcast Academy’s annual awards program, The Ambies, honors and celebrates all the individuals that excel and innovate within the podcast community.

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Overview + IDEA

The premise of this award design was to build a program that would be considered the “Oscars of Podcasting.” The Podcast Academy set out to create awards that had a sleek and quality feel, similar to that of the oscars. Something that could be held in the hand easily while a recipient was on stage.

The idea was that The Ambies award would depict an individual holding a microphone. While there needed to be an emphasis on the body of the statue, the prominent feature was set to be the microphone.

Additionally, the Podcast Academy wished to have this statue sitting on a tiered type of base, similar to a stage, giving the piece an elevated look and feel.

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By praising innovation in the podcast industry, audio storytelling has substantially grown in popularity, leading to over 1,000 entries per year for The Ambies awards program.


When designing any statue, it is very easy to overcomplicate a concept. Without adding too many bells and whistles, Cristaux needed to help design an award statue that was minimal and sleek, while still standing out amongst the rest. Because we needed to differentiate this statue from other awards statues like the golden globes or the oscars, we needed to focus our design roadmap on highlighting the components we could control such as the contour of the body and the base.

This journey was not without its challenges. One of the primary hurdles was achieving a balance between simplicity and distinctiveness. With minimalism at the forefront, each design element had to be meticulously considered and flawlessly executed. We faced difficulties in perfecting the microphone feature; if it was too large, it risked appearing clunky and rock-like, while if it was too small, it would lose its visual impact and significance. The challenge was to create a modern, minimal effect that still commanded attention and respect.

Furthermore, incorporating a circular base presented its own set of obstacles. The base needed to provide stability and aesthetic appeal without overwhelming the statue’s overall design. Crafting the molds for both the base and the statue required precision to ensure a seamless and cohesive look.

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The Creation

While designing the Ambie Award statues was a meticulous process, the final creation was a statue with unmatched precision. We focused on achieving a balance between minimalism and elegance, and the piece truly speaks for itself.

Our team dedicated extensive time to refining the contours of the body, ensuring that the details of microphone were sleek and prominent. Every statue features a careful thought out circular base. We incorporated a two-tier platform for the base to distinguish the various award categories, creating a sense of hierarchy and prestige.

To further enhance the visual appeal, we employed three types of electroplating: silver, gold, and black nickel, each adding a unique finish to the awards. This careful attention to detail ensures that each statue embodies the honor and recognition it represents.

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