Crystal Helmet Safety Award
Case Study

Crystal Helmet Safety Award


The Challenge

Having recently completed an expansive project, the company engaged Cristaux to recreate life-size construction helmets, made from 100% crystal. Already strategizing a pathway to completion, the Cristaux team eagerly accepted the challenge.


The Solution

Beginning with the hand models of the real, life size construction helmets used daily at the construction sites, the Cristaux team realized how striking these objects would be. The dimensions were a true 1:1 in proportion, with steel molds created to form the final product. The team quickly learned, by trial & error, that since the object was so large – when molten is poured into the mold, the elements immediately began to cast as a result of the annealing process, ultimately causing unacceptable imperfections and occasional cracking of crystal. After troubleshooting, the Cristaux production team took great care and an immense amount of extra effort to enable a slower cooling time. The end result however was nothing short of breathtaking coming in at approximately 34 pounds each.

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