Case Study


 Activision is a leader in the interactive entertainment industry. From launching the Atari 2600 in the 1980s to now operating on five continents, the Activision team has many outstanding accomplishments under its belt.

Metal A Core Vaiues Acid Etch Crystal Base 002


As business grew with the rise of gaming consoles and tournaments, the client wanted to celebrate their hard-working employees. Their past recognition program was basic and needed to be updated, so they tried to revamp it themselves. However, they could not achieve a creative design that was aligned with company branding and core valuesThat was when they asked for our help.

Metal A Core Vaiues Acid Etch Crystal Base 003


Although the finished product looks clean and simple, it went through a complicated design process. Because we were working with aluminum and crystal, we had to be careful with the different materials and tolerances. Walso collaborated with all vendors to ensure the pieces connected perfectly. In the end, we presented an innovatively branded piece: its entire front surface engraved with the company’s core valuesWe added personalized details for each recipient and engineered the pieces to sit flush or separately.

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