3D Print Product Replica
Case Study

3D Print Product Replica

3D-Printed Product Replica Custom Award 002

The Challenge

One of FiberVisions’s main company values is to recognize its own employees in support of maintaining its leading global position. Operating a growing number of manufacturing plants around the world, FiberVisions sought to annually recognize and support its top performing plant in a unique and outstanding way.

3D-Printed Product Replica Custom Award 003

The Solution

Cristaux collaborated closely with the FiberVisions team to develop an integrated knowledge of their company, goals, people and vision. In the pursuit of greater brand awareness, Cristaux imagined the idea of recreating their primary and proprietary form of highly-specialized machinery into a highly-visible award. A highly-detailed machine, the Cristaux team left no element out, paying close attention to realism and scale using CX to implement cuts and components. The result is an object that has now become the center point of recognition for the company and its team.

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