Retail Council of Canada
Case Study

Retail Council of Canada

Founded in 1963, the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is a not-for-profit association representing retail businesses and online merchants. The RTC team is committed to advocacy, communication, and education in favor of advancing the retail industry.


Custom Awards


Event Awards


The Challenge

Our team of designers was asked to recreate an old award statue that has been used for many years. Simply put, it needed a makeover and the mold used to create the awards needed to be overhauled.


The Solution

When we received the original statue, we ran it through our 3D scanners which allowed us to recreate the shape and structure of the previous award design. We then started going through every small element, perfecting minor details so that when we cast the new molds, the statues would come out much sturdier and beautiful than prior designs. The new mold took about 45 days to create but it was worth it because the statues were then gold plated and polished, creating a breathtaking enhancement to the RCC program.

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