Custom Crystal Hospitality Award
Case Study

Custom Crystal Hospitality Award


The Challenge

We were challenged to try to find a way to recreate an award around the logo, but it wasn’t just any logo. This particular company brand happened to showcase two knives, crossing. We set out to design a custom award that achieved the desired effect without turning towards the dark side.


The Solution

We used the Chef to Be logo as inspiration. The result was crafted through a waterjet process that showcased the two crisscrossing chef knives using black and clear crystal. We mounted these knives on top of a base where we etched and used color fill to display their logo and recipient information.

While it is common for awards in the restaurant and hospitality industry to take the shape of medallions and plaques, this particular award was unlike any other. What we ended up with was a very unique, company branded award that could never be duplicated.

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