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Overview + IDEA

As the technology that powers the world’s market operators, clearinghouses and regulators, Nasdaq sought to create a very specific and truly custom milestone award.

The recipients of these recognition pieces accomplished a major achievement within the business world: an initial public offering (IPO). The premise of this awards program was to capture the emotion of that monumental moment for years to come.

With an existing partnership between Nasdaq and Cristaux, it was essential to create consistency across all recognition programs that we managed. While this program was different than past designs, we still wanted to carry one central theme, all the while highlighting the details of an IPO (the offering price, size, official opening price, and volume).

Few companies get to this stage in their business lifecycle, and if they do, they do not often do it twice. This moment was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We needed to create something that held on to that feeling. With a time capsule concept as inspiration, we sought to craft something extraordinary that would make any CEO proud.

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Between rings, screws, panels and more, over 20 components go into the making of each award.


The most notable challenge when manufacturing these pieces is with the hands-on details. There is no margin for manufacturing or human error, and every component of this design must be perfectly machined. So much so that if one dimension is off, the entire alignment is off – a screw will not fit, a panel will be too snug, etc.

To top it off, this milestone award requires a lot of manual hands-on labor. Each individual piece requires a production team member to assemble. Whether that is manually screwing in screws, sliding in panels, fitting the base and so on. With such an intricate design, our team must pay the highest attention to detail, especially when orders are being fulfilled weekly for each new company that receives the IPO accolade.

I have appreciated their quick responses! They make great quality products and packaging.

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The Creation

What came out of the entire manufacturing process, from design idea to conception, was a true marvel in engineering. The Nasdaq recognition piece portrays all of the important details of an IPO in a highly personalized piece. Each piece of this award is personally assembled in our production facility by a member of our team. 

Using the very same material constructs as the iconic, Cristaux designed, manufactured, and managed Opening Bell award, this unique custom award is in a class all its own. The details of each IPO are personalized on the day the company goes public with the award expedited to the recipient(s). From stock ticker to CEO/founder names, the recipient information is displayed prominently.

No corners were cut in this design, quite literally. We use a formed glass tube perfectly fitted to slide in a free-flowing metal panel that captures all the personalization details. This glass tube was used to emulate their building and HQ in Times Square. To add a high level of personalized detailing, each piece has the famous windows from their building etched into the glass. 

Next, we engineer the cap and base with machined aluminum in a secure fashion. Using baked lacquer enamel, the logo is cured into the metal. To complete the branding details, we use a chemical etching process that bakes the colorfill into the piece. This way, each Nasdaq award provides a spectacular form of appreciation that each recipient can feel honored to hoist in the air in celebration. 

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