Bull Valley
Case Study

Bull Valley

Looking out on the backdrop of Northern Illinois, Bull Valley Golf Club is a private club serving golf enthusiasts. Its team works hard to provide an excellent experience for all visitors.

Crystal Bull Silhouette Golf Club Award By Cristaux 003


Each year, the club hosts a tournament for all its members. The Bull Valley team came to us with the idea of a clean and contemporary award for the top ten golfers of that year. Additionally, they wanted to keep it simple while elevating their own brand image.

Crystal Bull Silhouette Golf Club Award By Cristaux 002


With their vision in mind, wcreated a classic design. To start, we cut their logo – the silhouette of a bull – into a piece of crystalTo continue the timeless look, we then used a strict color scheme. We contrasted the black of the bull’s texture with the white of their company name. This sleek piece was a hole in one!

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