Deal Gift Ideas, Designs, and Examples

Samantha Mikos

After working on a deal for months and months, the sweet moment of victory arrives, and partners shake hands. In the world of business, trophies and medals are replaced with deal toys and tombstones. These creations commemorate an organization’s achievements and recognize hard work. By considering deal gift ideas, new and interesting concepts can be discovered. Complicated designs can help teams stand out and capture a company’s impressive history.

The best deal toy companies have their fingers on the pulse of fresh designs, top-tier fabrication, and more. At Cristaux, we believe innovation distinguishes leaders. We don’t want copy-cat, cheap deal gifts contributing to tombstone graveyards. Instead, inventive perspectives can elevate designs and inspire one-of-a-kind creations.


Deal Gifts for Every Occasion

Deal toy mementos and financial tombstones celebrate a wide range of achievements. Every day, there is something to commemorate. Whether creating gifts or trophies, consider honoring the following accomplishments.

  • Acquisition
  • Investment banking
  • Partnership
  • Private equity
  • Fundraising
  • IPO

Developing a deal toy program is a great idea for organizations celebrating frequent and diverse occasions. This way, a company can quickly create personalized awards for each business deal.

6 Deal Gift Ideas and Designs

Before choosing the right deal toy company, it’s important to decide on the vision for the design. These details will help determine which vendors will be a good fit. To help brainstorming, the following ideas can help pinpoint any concepts whether classic or fun.

1. Large Concepts

Why not capture a team’s immense pride with a super-sized deal gift? A large deal toy can match the monumental impact of a business accomplishment. Additionally, there is plenty of space to feature all parties involved in the deal.

On the other hand, a small piece can show detail and simplicity. Also, adding a QR code can elevate a creation and make it feel bigger than it is. Modern tools like these allow recipients to view the deal online and explore a brand further.


2. Product Replica

A product replica can celebrate a new initiative or honor a part of the company’s foundation. For example, a new product can be replicated and gifted to all of those who helped launch that project. Also, a deal toy plane could capture the spirit of those making big moves in the travel industry.

There are many techniques available to craft replicas. First, 3D lasering into a piece of crystal creates a ghost-like and elegant effect. Additionally, 3D printing can recreate concepts with excellent precision.

3. Interactive Elements

Functional recognition pieces introduce a new element to award design. For instance, a spinning desk toy can add joy to any office. These pieces divert from traditional financial tombstones. Instead, they add another layer of intrigue. They encourage recipients to interact with the pieces and to enjoy a truly unique experience.

golden kinetic cube

4. Luxury Materials

Sometimes, less is more. Letting high-quality materials sing can have an elegant and classic effect. Whether crafting a crystal deal toy or resin deal gift, premium quality is the trademark of a prestigious creation. Also, Lucite deal toys are prominent in this financial tradition. As the best acrylic, Lucite is the basis for unique and fresh concepts.

5. Gift Box

Award presentation elevates the experience for every recipient. From partners to clients, everyone deserves a cohesive and complete celebration. With a personalized deal gift box, any memento becomes so much more. The packaging can be branded and personalized with classy final touches. Also, add-ons like champagne flutes can elevate the experience even more and encourage everyone to toast to a job well done.

6. Location Details

Deal toys have become a sign of appreciation around the world. For a meaningful deal gift design, consider incorporating details from a location. For example, an acquired hotel in Singapore can use or replicate materials from its lobby for the deal toy’s concept.

Also, it’s important to ensure all the gifts can be delivered to their end recipients. With a comprehensive solution like drop shipping, deal gifts can be shipped anywhere from the UK to Hong Kong.

Crystal Deal Toy With Printed Images of Wood And Beachfront White Crystal Base

Deal Gift Examples

Looking at other designs can help spark ideas for new awards. By seeing what’s possible, we can dream of what else can be made. In addition to browsing the examples below, visit Cristaux’s portfolio for more design inspiration.

  • ReavesColey. This deal toy shows the amazing feats of 3D printing. Although the whole piece is sleek, the replicated fighter jet is the focal point.
  • Perry Lane Hotel. To celebrate the hotel’s acquisition, this piece honored the property’s unique qualities. We sourced specific types of marble and used digital printing to recreate architectural features.
  • Firefly Energy SolutionsThis deal gift used a QR code to direct recipients to the company’s website. What better way to celebrate the organization’s launch? Cutting-edge concepts like these can be exciting for any team.
  • Truebill. For classic concepts, simplicity speaks volumes. This design used 3D lasering to bring a company branded award to life.


Distinguished Designs

With today’s technology, the possibilities are limitless in the world of recognition. In the hands of reliable designers and deal toy manufacturers, these pieces can capture an organization’s greatest moments. You and your team make history, while deal gifts memorialize it.

Contact Cristaux to start designing today.

FAQs: Deal Gift Ideas

1. What’s a deal toy?

A deal toy, deal gift, or financial tombstone is an award made to celebrate a business accomplishment. Different occasions include mergers, acquisitions, fundraising, and real estate deals. Also, deal toys often display the information of the deal and the logos of the involved parties.

2. Who gets a deal toy?

Partners, advisors, clients, and other team members involved in the deal typically receive a deal toy. It’s routine to honor everyone who made the achievement possible. Elevate the experience for recipients by creating personalized items or a custom presentation box.

3. How much do deal toys cost?

Deal toy cost depends on various factors like materials, quantity of pieces, and required delivery dates. However, there are many cost-effective solutions available to help bring any vision to life. Collaborate with a trustworthy and adaptive awards vendor like Cristaux to make the most out of a celebration.