Unique Ways to Use QR Codes in Recognition Programs

Samantha Mikos

One of the latest and increasingly popular marketing tools is the QR code. These scannable images allow viewers to easily access a company’s website, event details, and more. Recently, a Superbowl commercial featured a QR code, and the company’s website crashed due to the overwhelming traffic. These are powerful and flexible devices to drive brand awareness.

At Cristaux, we like to wonder how QR codes can be used for recognition programs. How can we create modern pieces and seamless solutions for our clients? Having incorporated QR codes into a few projects, we’re excited to see where this will go and how it will empower future programs.

Certification wall plaque metal and acrylic by Cristaux

What Is a QR Code?

Short for “quick response,” a QR code acts like a barcode. This invention was created in 1994 by Japanese company Denso Wave. They look like squares of black and white arranged in a unique order.

How do QR codes work? First, smart devices like cellphones scan the code. When successful, the device will direct users to a website or other digital destinations.

What are examples of QR codes?

  • Restaurants ask customers to scan a code linked to their menu.
  • Event organizers ask attendees to scan a code that records their attendance.
  • Fliers or brochures include a code for people to scan to learn more about an organization.

Why Use QR Codes in Award Design?

This idea is quite uncommon. Only a few of our clients have incorporated QR codes into their recognition pieces. However, we believe that this type of innovation brings lots of benefits for an organization.

  • Awards stand out.
  • Recipients can access more information about the program.
  • Honorees are encouraged to interact with the trophy or gift.

These tools can be great for growing recognition efforts, but how exactly can QR codes be used in award programs?

5 Ways to Use QR Codes in Recognition

Modern recognition showcases a cutting-edge element, something that distinguishes a program. To elevate awards, the possibilities are endless. While browsing the following ideas, consider which concept would work best for your vision.


Custom awards are already one of a kind. By adding a QR code, we give recognition pieces a new purpose. For instance, a code can be embedded into the bottom of a design. When scanned, it can show recipients a list of winners and other program information. This inventive addition makes a special award even more complex.

broadway.com Audience Choice Awards Crystal


The most thoughtful recognition pieces are presented with complete packaging. From branded boxes to company swag items, custom insertions help create an immersive and unforgettable experience for recipients. For instance, we can add a QR code that links to an organization’s website or program microsite where we manage award orders from honorees. Modern technology can truly evolve recognition.

Deal Toys

A deal toy, or financial tombstone, celebrates a noteworthy business deal. Despite the long history of these creations, designs are evolving, and clients are having more fun with concepts. One way to create a piece that stands out from others is to include a QR code. This could direct recipients to a website celebrating the parties involved and explaining the details of the deal.

Discover new ideas for unique deal toys.

Perry Lane Dealtoy Black Stone Base

Internal Signage

We believe that internal signage is an extremely powerful tool for company branding. While in the office, visitors and clients can scan QR codes and learn more about an organization. Also, this could be a tool for internal operations. Perhaps, codes can link to someone’s calendar or conference room availability.

Plaques are closely related to internal signage and can easily elevate a certification program. For example, recognition vendors can incorporate a QR code into a certification program’s pieces. It can lead viewers to a website explaining what organizations accomplished to receive this distinction. This creates a unique experience for honorees and visitors, growing brand awareness and prestige.


To elevate attendees’ experience or to boost social media performance, we can use videography to create high-quality content. This white glove service helps enhance any event or program. Additionally, we can include a QR code at the end of a video for viewers to stay engaged with the program.

Twitch Streamers Bowl Medallion Gold Silver Bronze

Elevate the Recipient Experience

Nowadays, there are so many state-of-the-art tools at our disposal. By adding innovative concepts like QR codes, we are beyond excited for the future of recognition. Every day, we work hard for our clients so that they can create special memories for their recipients.

Contact Cristaux to discuss how we can elevate your program today.