Functional and Fun Employee Recognition Awards

Samantha Mikos

Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized. Feeling appreciated, they’ll become even more amazing. Employee recognition awards celebrate the rockstars of the office. To make sure team members know how much they are valued, custom awards need to be striking and one-of-a-kind. Introducing functional awards! These pieces are purposeful and interactive, honoring employees with unique and useful creations.

At Cristaux, we love a beautiful trophy, but we’re excited to create awards and gifts that operate on a whole new level. Functional recognition pieces exist where functionality meets finesse. They look just as exquisite as traditional trophies. However, they offer something new and exciting to wow any team.

Luggage brag tags gold and silver company branded for Employee Appreciation Day

What Are Functional Recognition Pieces?

Functional recognition pieces include any custom awards, trophies, or gifts that have a practical use or interactive element. For example, a functional piece is a plaque with exchangeable medallions. These kinds of pieces elevate recognition efforts and create a unique experience for recipients.

Why Employee Recognition Is Important

In everyday life, recognition is an essential human need. It helps us feel valued and builds our confidence. In professional settings, employee recognition helps staff members feel appreciated for their hard work. Additionally, recognition-based awards and programs bring many benefits.

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee retention
  • More satisfied customers

Find out more about why employee recognition is important.

Lifetime achievement award recipient

Functional Employee Recognition: Examples, Ideas

Functional gifts put the fun in “fun employee recognition awards.” Inventive pieces show team members that their leaders truly care about celebrating them in exciting and meaningful ways. Find inspiration from the following ideas.

1. Years of Service

One of the most popular employee recognition programs celebrates years of service. To honor staff work anniversaries, each team member can receive a plaque. With each milestone, leaders can celebrate them and their hard work with add-ons like medallions. This buildable element can help develop new office traditions and camaraderie.

Service awards can be designed as plaques, shadow boxes, and more. Additionally, these pieces can be fabricated to work well with magnetic add-ons that easily attach. Other add-ons include keychains and pins.

Side Inc Acrylic House Key Chain Holder

2. Traveling Accessories

Depending on the business, employees may spend a lot of time traveling. For instance, salespeople often travel to represent their company and to meet clients. A functional custom sales award can be luggage tags branded to feature an organization. Creations like these show appreciation for staff, while elevating a brand.

3. Office Equipment

Whether your team works remotely or in person, there are unique ways to show appreciation for staff members. For instance, custom badge clips can refresh an office’s sense of unity. Other ideas include personalized desk accessories or awards with an added use like paperweights, nameplates, and business card holders.

Corporate promotion crystal paperweight gift in presentation box

4. Company Swag

A brand is so much more than a logo. When creating company branded functional recognition pieces, it’s important to incorporate elements of the organization’s image, industry, and values. Consider using brand colors, engraving logos, and recreating foundational products.

In particular, company branded barware captures usefulness and elegance in one design. For instance, recognition vendors can easily personalize champagne flutes, decanters, and pints. For a non-alcoholic option, Yeti mugs work extremely well for all employees, especially those who love coffee.

5. Incentives and Gifts

With a reward in sight, people are more motivated to work harder. Employee incentive programs drive engagement and productivity. When creating trophies for recipients, it’s important to brainstorm how to include your company brand. Present something useful and desired by employees, while taking advantage of the opportunity to drive brand awareness.

We like to approach corporate gifts with a similar way of thinking. When choosing gifts for employees try to balance functionality and branding. This way, recognition pieces can celebrate team members and their company. Examples include crystal vases, dishes, and ashtrays.

Recognition Elevated

Recognition motivates and inspires great work. Cutting-edge and functional awards help give recognition efforts a new purpose. Driven by innovation and thoughtfulness, modern recognition helps develop leading organizations.

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