Case Study


Designed to improve users’ finances, Truebill is an app that helps cancel unwanted subscriptions, track spending, and more.

TrueBill Crystal Dealtoy Etch 03


The client approached us to create a custom deal toy to celebrate the selling of their business. After rejecting another vendor’s concept, they envisioned something simplistic and sophisticated. They wanted to honor their branding while showcasing elegance.

TrueBill Crystal Dealtoy Etch 02


First, we decided to use crystal for the entire design because it is a strong material fit for any refined concept. Next, we used acetate to feature the deal’s details. Essentially, we printed the personalization onto a film and then embedded the sheet in between pieces of crystal.

To pair with the panel, we created the Truebill logo by cutting and 3D-lasering a piece of crystal. This effect was simple yet stunning. Last, we used a black crystal base to provide contrast, support, and sophistication.

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