Award Presentation: How to Elevate Your Program

Samantha Mikos

Imagine if the Academy Awards were hosted in a parking lot. Everyone wore burlap sacks, and the awards were covered in an obscene amount of dust. How would this impact the experience for your attendees and award recipients? Award presentation matters. It’s crucial to create an unforgettable experience for your recipients and guests. Whether your event is in person or online, strategic award presentation is essential to a strong reputation.

The Cristaux International team will collaborate with you to design well-presented, practical, and innovative recognition pieces. We have all the tools to create a cherished memory for your honorees.

Why Presentation Matters

Just like dressing up for yearbook photos, everyone knows that how you present yourself reflects your confidence, capabilities, and more. In the world of recognition, your award pieces and events reflect your organization and brand. It’s important to take your time, plan thoroughly, and focus on a central theme for your program. Show others that you take recognition seriously, and they will be grateful for your hard work.

How to Elevate Your Presentation

Countless parts go into planning an award event. These moving pieces all come together to create a mesmerizing and immersive effect. With creativity and strategy in mind, you can organize the celebration of the year.

Award Presentation Boxes

On its own, an award is meaningful and striking. However, it becomes so much more when paired with a custom presentation box. A refined box made of high-quality materials has three benefits:

  1. It improves the functionality of the award by making it easy to move and carry.
  2. It adds an element of excitement for your recipients. It’s like opening a present.
  3. You can feature your company branding on the box and reinforce your image and values.

Metal 50 cutout with personalized presentation box for a service award

Insertions and Add-Ons

You’ve got your award and box, but what about accessories? Custom insertions give your recognition pieces a unique and personal touch. For instance, you can create thank-you notes for each recipient. You can also add company swag and other keepsakes to shower your honorees with appreciation. Add-ons include champagne flutes, lapel pins, and luggage tags.

Event Location

Your venue dictates how your experience will look and feel. For example, a virtual awards ceremony hosted through a video platform functions quite differently, when compared to an in-person ceremony. You can review your guest list and program goals to help you decide where to host your celebration.

If you decide to host a virtual event, you can send awards to your deserving recipients with drop shipping. Drop shipping allows you to send recognition pieces to the personal residences and offices of honorees. Your recognition vendor will handle the packaging and shipping. With a tangible award in their hands, recipients will experience a truly special virtual affair.

Recognition Program Drop Shipping

Company Branding

Your organization made your program possible, so it’s important to pay tribute to your company brand and culture. Oftentimes, a logo is incorporated in event materials. Also, you can dedicate time during your show to give an executive speech that reiterates your company values and vision.

Present With Pride

You have worked hard to make your recognition program a success, and your honorees have achieved great things to receive your distinction. Do yourselves justice by celebrating with a stunning commemoration. An unforgettable experience will continue beyond the event and live on in your memories.

Contact Cristaux to learn more about how to elevate your award presentation.