Blackstone Group
Case Study

Blackstone Group

Driven to create long-term value for its investors worldwide, the Blackstone Group Inc. is a leading investment company investing capital on behalf of its clients.


The Challenge

While on the search for the perfect financial deal toy, the Blackstone Group could not find a vendor that would be able to achieve their desired vision. They sought out Cristaux because we specialize in building replicas and maintain high standards when it comes to the detail and accuracy of a design.

They sought to reconstruct a building, but it had to include an important element. They planned to build green terraces around the exterior to further accent their property as part of the Hudson Yards, and this had to translate into the recognition design.

Blackstone The Spiral

The Solution

We used Italian Carrara marble for the base of the piece. We chose this element because it was a part of their lobby and signified the company culture that we needed to showcase. The end result was an incredibly detailed building with a green-lined accent to mirror the outdoor terrace greenery.

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