Dimensional Letter Plaque with QR Code
Case Study

Dimensional Letter Plaque with QR Code



The GUDC partnered with Progressive AE, an architectural design and engineering companyto develop new building compliance standards. To honor the organizations that worked hard to follow those guidelines, the GUDC wanted to create signage for each building to proudly display their success and commitment to diversity. They also wanted to use acrylic and stainless steel which was not cost effective for this project.

CertificationPlaque GUDC 001


To make their vision possible, we worked our Cristaux magic by wrapping wood in a stainless-steel veneer. We then adorned that piece with dimensional lettering to highlight the GUDC brand. We attached the acrylic component to the inside of the top encasement. The final details on the acrylic completed thpiece. We printed a QR code that would direct you to the site’s certification online and included the message in braille to extend the GUDC mission.

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