Certificate Plaque
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Certificate Plaque

Acrylic Plaque With Digital Print Personalization 003


The typical certificate is copied on paper and thrown in a standard frame. This does not excite us one bit, so the IALD enlisted us to revamp this tradition. For their yearly International Lighting Design Awards, we wanted to elevate the program while keeping it modern and simple.

Acrylic Plaque With Digital Print Personalization 004


For the design, we used sublimation on a custom metal piece. Essentially, we used ink and heat to print the design onto the metal. We then framed that piece with acrylic for a sleek look.

To take on this global project with precision, we used our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing process. It helped us automate production, increase speed, and improve quality. We also used our in-house drop shipping to ensure the safety of all international deliveries. As a one-stop shop, we made it easy for the event planner to get the personalization and help they needed.

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