Wells Fargo
Case Study

Wells Fargo

With an array of international offices, Wells Fargo is a financial services company helping many customers around the world.

Wells Fargo Granite Stone Plaque 02


Wells Fargo’s team came to us to create two different awards for recognizing employee achievements within their home mortage division. Also, they requested we use classic materials like granite and marble in the designs. Despite the difficulty of etching stone, we were determined to deliver for our client.

Wells Fargo Granite Obelisk


First, we decided to use jet-black granite for both creations to capture a sleek effect. For their President’s Club inductees, we created obelisk structures, and we designed plaques for their leadership awards.

To make sure we achieved highly detailed etching, we created what we call “hot boxes.” We used these boxes to keep the stone warm because the masks used to etch don’t easily stick to stone in cold climates. Beyond temperature, we tested different pressures to engrave with.

In the end, we were able to fabricate beautiful pieces for Wells Fargo, despite how cold our facilities were during Chicago’s infamous winters. We were able to proudly feature the company brand and deserving recipients.

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