Shorty Impact Awards
Case Study

Shorty Impact Awards

The Shorty Impact Awards recognize the positive impact of brands, agencies, and nonprofits’ social media efforts.

Shorty Impact Awards Acrylic Plaque 02


The client wanted to create plaques that emphasized their company branding, the image of a whale tail. However, they wanted the execution to be intentional and well incorporated into the design. Additionally, they envisioned a strong contrast throughout the piece. Last, they requested that the piece be made so that it could hang on a wall, so we needed to discover a way to hide any necessary hardware.

Shorty Impact Awards Acrylic Plaque 03


To start, we used black and clear acrylic because we wanted to create stark differences between materials. To deepen the contrast, we used white ink on the black component for crisp and clean personalization.

Last, we had to figure out how to hang these plaques. We decided to use sawtooth hangers because they’re discreet yet strong. In the end, we achieved a unique floating effect and personalized each piece on demand.

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