Case Study


Since beginning in 1931 in Japan, Bridgestone Corporation has since evolved into an international auto and truck parts manufacturer.

Bridgestone Acrylic Certification Plaque 02


Every dealership that works with Bridgestone tires needs to be certified through the Bridgestone Education Network. The program’s plaques provide validation for the certified dealerships. When meeting with Cristaux, the Bridgestone team asked for a recognition piece that could display multiple certifications at once and be installed outside dealerships.

Bridgestone Acrylic Certification Plaque 03


With the client’s vision in mind, we designed a plaque that included a magnetic bar. On this element, a dealership can feature up to three separate certifications at once. This is useful for showing consecutive years of certification. Also, the use of magnets is unique, making these pieces and dealerships stand out.

To ensure the plaques withstood and looked good in colder climates, we experimented with different materials and glues. After some trial and error, we decided that using acrylic with a special drill would make for the easiest installation and greatest endurance. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of our team, this program has been elevated and continues to expand.

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