Acrylic Logo Cut
Case Study

Acrylic Logo Cut

Acrylic And Metal Award Of Company Logo 002

The Challenge

Honoring the fashion and beauty industry’s “best of the best”, the Glossy Awards are a highprofile and anticipated event where attendees go to “see and be seen”. Requiring a sleek, modern design to reflect their audience and chic honorees, the Glossy team identified Cristaux as the ideal creative partner to design and produce the coveted awards.

Acrylic And Metal Award Of Company Logo 003

The Solution

To achieve the height that Glossy desired, the Cristaux design and production teams worked on the structural aspects of the award to mitigate the possibility of the tall award toppling over. Upon rigorous testing and prototyping, Cristaux came up with a substantial base that would enable the award to impressively stand tall without compromising structural integrity.

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