Waterjet Crystal + Wood
Case Study

Waterjet Crystal + Wood

Crystal And Wood Deal Toy 003

The Challenge

Investing in various property types including hotel, retail, multi-family, office, resorts, industrial, residential, commercial land, mixed-use and more – Starwood reached out to Cristaux to construct a specific and unique financial deal toy to highlight each deal. To feature their unique properties, Starwood sought to use a specific wood aptly named “blue-tinge”, also known as “southern pine” which has a fascinating natural blue hue to the surface.

Crystal And Wood Deal Toy 002

The Solution

Cristaux sourced the wood and began to test its usability. Once the team began to work with it, the design was developed with the letters “XI” carefully waterjet from thick-cut crystal to avoid cracking or snapping. Polished edges were created to give a sleek, finished look. Finally, the terms of the deal were lasered and color filled directly into the blue-tinge wood.

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