Crystal Panel with Marble Base
Case Study

Crystal Panel with Marble Base

Alida Savannah Deal Toy 03


The client came to us with a clear vision in mind. To celebrate a recent business deal, they wanted to create a custom deal toy that would incorporate the materials of their hotel. From the marble to the brick work, the different elements needed to convey prestige.

Alida Savannah Deal Toy 02


After collaborating with their team, we completed the design and started fabricating. We started with a clean, white marble base. From there, we added a clear crystal panel and used acetate to customize it. Essentially, we printed the client’s brick pattern onto a film and embedded that sheet in between pieces of crystal. This way, the design would hold up better over time and avoid chipping.

After that, we sand etched and filled their logo with the brand’s exact colors. In the end, we transformed their iconic property into a distinct deal toy.

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