3D Lasered Panel with Wood Base
Case Study

3D Lasered Panel with Wood Base

Deckers Brands Bamboo Deal Toy 3d Laser 03


The client collaborated with us to create a custom deal toy to honor their business accomplishment. Regarding the design, the Deckers team wanted to incorporate bamboo. Our team accepted the challenge to figure out how to best personalize the specific type of wood.

Deckers Brands Bamboo Deal Toy 3d Laser 02


To start, we lasered the Deckers Brands logos into the front of the bamboo base. Then, we tried to fill in the engravings with a black color, but the black bled into the unaltered parts of the wood. We decided to not fill the engravings with color for a more precise and cleaner look.

For the award’s panel, we cut a one-inch-thick piece of crystal. Then, we 3D-lasered personalization inside the clear piece. This captured a unique effect to make the creation stand out. Last, we sand etched and filled their partner’s logo with green for a branded and meaningful concept.

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