Custom Award Statue Design: Inspiration, Best Practices

Samantha Mikos

All the famous award statues of today started with an idea. The Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys. They all had to be designed before they could be renowned. With a clear vision in mind, you can develop your own custom award statue design.

The Cristaux International team specializes in creative design, transforming a simple concept into a state-of-the-art award. With years of experience and shelves of striking trophies, we’d like to share our expert advice with you.

Modern Crystal Statue Award With Silver Metal Accents

Sources for Award Statue Design Inspiration

Whether talking with a friend or flipping through a magazine, inspiration can come from anywhere. To start creative brainstorming, consider the following for your custom awards.


The world is your oyster, ready to be explored and admired. You can seek out wonderful places, scenery, and attractions to collect ideas. While travelling, you may learn about a historic icon. Then, you can incorporate their story into your award’s design, like we did for this spartan warrior award statue. The client used the story of Greek warrior king Leonidas I to reflect their heroic honorees.

Your Audience

Consider incorporating the themes of your program or the traits of your audience into your concept. What represents your recipients’ values and passions? How can you pay tribute to your honorees? For the Premier Print Awards program, we designed a statue replica of Benjamin Franklin. The Benny Award statues exemplified excellence in printing, like the award winners did.

Custom Ben Franklin Gold Statue By Cristaux

The Arts

Consider studying sculptures, paintings, and other masterpieces and then noting what you like and don’t like. You can collect useful insights for your designers who can then identify a theme or style to embrace. Art and beauty are all around us. You can also look at your favorite piece of clothing or visit your favorite park.

Additionally, many artists look to music, literature, film, theatre, and more for inspiration. For example, we designed a custom statue inspired by the novel Atlas Shrugged, to celebrate a CEO’s 30 years of service. Listening to your favorite song or watching a movie may not inspire your design, but it will at least get you to think creatively.

Your Organization’s History

Your company has a unique story to tell, about where you came from and what you have conquered. Consider incorporating your founding members or defining moments into your design. You can create something special for your whole team, past and present. For example, Mental Health America worked with Cristaux to design meaningful awards honoring their founder Clifford W. Beers.

Crystal Sand Etch Gold Color Fill

Steps to Designing Custom Award Statues

A successful statue award exhibits a unique design and special sophistication. To achieve a one-of-a-kind concept, follow the proceeding steps for award statue design.

  1. Name the purpose of your recognition program. It’s important to ensure your design references your program’s goals. This way, your awards will be a cohesive part of the event and your brand.
  2. Find inspiration. You can refer to the tips above for ideas. It’s crucial to be open to being inspired.
  3. Attend a design consultation or virtual showroom appointment. You can get the most out of your session by knowing and sharing your important program details.
  4. Incorporate your company branding. Company branded elements are central to celebrating your organization and team.
  5. Collaborate with your designers and manufacturers. Between trusting their expert opinion and believing in your vision, you can find the sweet balance that best honors your program.

For more information, read this blog post on our awards creation process.

Gold Statue Woman Marble Base

Best Practices for Award Statue Design

During each step of the creation process, it’s important to consider the following. These details can make or break your award design.

  • Weight. If your recognition piece is too light, then it won’t feel truly significant. On the other hand, a piece that is too heavy is not practical. You can confide in award material experts to help you decide the best dimensions.
  • Finish. The finish is the final touch to communicate your theme and style. How your award is finished is often decided by the types of material you use. You can choose from many options like antique metal plating or polished crystal.
  • Base. The base of your award should complement the custom statue or art piece. For example, we paired a crystal base with a metal statue for America’s Beauty Show. The crystal added great weight and brilliance to the complete design.
  • Personalization. Custom engraving is essential for special awards. You can work with a top-notch recognition vendor so that you know your awards are in good hands. Experts will choose which technique is best for the material and execute with great precision.

Crystal Star Statue Blue Silver Paint Black Presentation Box 001

Award Statues that Stand Out

Custom statue awards embody elegance and elevate any recognition program. Creatively designed awards solidify the aesthetics of any event and give your honorees something truly special to cherish.

Contact Cristaux to begin your award statue design today.