Mental Health America
Case Study

Mental Health America

Mental Health America (MHA) is a leading non-profit that supports those living with mental illnesses. Its team is committed to promoting better mental health for all.


Crystal + Glass



Crystal Sand Etch Gold Color Fill 002


The MHA team came to us for a custom award. They wanted to honor their founder, Clifford W. Beers. His work was iconic, so they envisioned an elegant piece to mark his legacy. We were eager to show how our techniques would accentuate his face and recognize his influence.

Crystal Sand Etch Gold Color Fill 003


We created a medallion-like design in crystal by etching his profile into the piece. We then hand painted a golden color to make the etching stand out more. To take it a step further, we added bevels to the crystal. This would allow natural light to refract, or bounce off, the piece. This created a glowing effect and drew everyone’s eyes to Beers’s historic profile.

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