8 Unique Trophy Ideas

Samantha Mikos

In a vast world where custom recognition includes countless concepts like statues, building replicas, sculptures, and more, it can be confusing to classify each type of recognition. So what makes a trophy, a trophy? A trophy celebrates accomplishments and skill and is awarded to victors in various folds of life like sports, contests, and competitions. Almost anything can be a prize, so it’s time to put on your creative-thinking cap for some unique trophy ideas.

The Cristaux team is an innovative bunch, eager to create one-of-a-kind pieces for our clients. We want to help create an unforgettable experience for your recipients, centered around a truly unique trophyAll recognition programs are special because each design has a separate and powerful personality unlike the others.

Silver Trophy With Poker Chips World Poker Tournament Champions Cup

8 Unique Trophy Ideas

A creative design is essential to a striking award. However, it’s important to have a strong and clear idea serve as the cornerstone for that creation. There are many ways for you to distinguish your trophy’s concept. Consider the following ideas and alternatives for your program.

1. Award Statues

Award statues embody a program’s identity by encapsulating what is most important to that occasion. For a sophisticated design, statues deliver an unparalleled elegance. Award statue design is characterized by strong sources of inspiration and an attention to detail. You can opt for the classic trophy cup or design a custom mold for an exceptional concept.

2. Plaques

You can reinvent trophies by replacing a traditional idea with an innovative plaqueWe can source unique wood and crystal to elevate the design and use name plates and engraving to make it special. Also, some of our clients create plaques to accompany trophies. This way, they can create an immersive experience for their recipients and show that they take recognition to the next level.

Ticketmaster Lightbox Plaque

3. Replicas

Do you want to bring an image to life? Maybe you want a whole building in the palm of your hand. Look no further than replicas! We can 3D print or mold a product replica to celebrate the victors of your brand and company. Also, we can shape crystal into an intricate building replica to represent accomplishments like business deals and acquisitions, with ingenuity and grace.

Contact us and share your trophy idea with our team.

4. Medallions

What’s the world’s largest sporting event that doesn’t issue a classic trophy cup? The Olympics! Custom medals complete the mesmerizing moment of standing on the podium. You can recreate that feeling for your recipients. To make your creation more unique, you can display your medals in branded presentation boxes, rather than opting for the traditional ribbon.

Metal Screen Print Medallion With Ribbon CrossFit Games

5. Mixed Media Creations

At Cristaux, we’ve used unique materials like LED lights, leather, and bricks. We’re not afraid to mix things up. By using unprecedented materials, you can wow your recipients and audiences with a striking and singular trophy.

6. Company Branding

What better way to make a trophy special than to model it after your brand? Company branded creations celebrate your business and team in a design-centric way. You can recreate your logo by 3D-printing or using a mold. Also, you can perfectly match your brand’s colors with our Pantone Matching System.

White And Clear Crystal Award With Blue And Green Details

7. Unique award names

Sometimes, the concept for a trophy’s design comes from its name. For example, the Cristaux team collaborated with SB Nation to create the Piesman Trophy inspired by the famous Heisman Trophy. With this name we brought this program to life by creating a pie slice out of crystal, a truly unmatched design.

Consider 50 creative awards names for employee recognition.

Black Red And Silver Trophy With Skull Decal

8. Personalization

Personal touches are a simple and effective way of making an award special. You can incorporate meaningful elements for each recipient by engraving their names, details of their accomplishment, and more. Additionally, you can elevate your recognition efforts by pairing your trophies with personalized thank-you notes, company branded swag, and more.

Trophy Designs Fit for a Champion

You can easily imagine the triumphant feeling of hoisting a trophy. Now, it’s your time to recreate that supreme moment for your honorees with unique trophy ideas. Dream big and stretch the rules of design.

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