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SB Nation

Held annually on the night before the eponymous Heisman ceremony, one of the world’s fastest-growing online sports media brands honors the best throw, run, or catch by a lineman in football with the hugely popular ‘Piesman’ Trophy.


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The Challenge

Described as ‘football’s most fun award’, the Piesman has become a highly anticipated event in college football. Reflecting it’s playful origins, the award had to be quirky and somewhat playful but still hold stature within the competitive football landscape.


The Solution

Football fans in their own right, the Cristaux team was thrilled to collaborate on the Piesman, deciding to take a literal but whimsical approach. Using optical crystal, a slice of pie was designed and produced using an exacting CNC cut and meticulous hand polishing to achieve a highly aligned and sleek piece of pie. To perfect the crust, the element was CNC water jetted prior to polishing. The result is a striking object that brings attention to the event and elevates the experience.

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