Zinc Alloy Gold Coated Statue
Case Study

Zinc Alloy Gold Coated Statue

Gold Statue Woman Marble Base 003


HDA wanted us to recreate a statue for its Distribution Industry Award for Notable Achievements in Healthcare (DIANA). Their previous award pieces tarnished quickly, so we had to build something that would lastLike any recreation, we had to focus on the details.

Gold Statue Woman Marble Base 002


To elevate the concept, we perfected and enhanced every element of the design. From the bends in the dress to every hair strand, we worked hard to define each feature. We created the statue out of zinc alloy and coated it in gold. Most importantly, we sealed the metal to slow down its oxidation process and prevent tarnishing. Finally, we crafted a base out of marble. We ensured these natural stone pieces matched for an exquisite effect. 

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