World Trade Center
Case Study

World Trade Center

The Cristaux team was approached by a large contractor of the One World Trade Center. They wanted to develop a series of beautiful gifts for the committee members and other individuals who were responsible for making that project happen.


The Challenge

While many clients usually provide files with specific dimensions and blueprints for their building replicas, this particular client only had a simple rendering for inspiration. They were unable to share schematics due to the severity of the project. Therefore, the Cristaux team had to recreate the entire building based off of this one particular rendering.


The Solution

Our team reverse-engineered the design based off of the rendering. We also applied dimensionality to give it enough substance so that it would be an impressive gift. Next, we had to create a mapping of all the windows, which was more time consuming and challenging than expected.

This allowed our team to adapt to the challenge and work more visually than ever before. We do not have to have all of the information to get you what you want. Instead, we are able to consult and fill in the gaps as best as possible.

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