9 Types of Sales Awards, Design Ideas & Names

Samantha Mikos

Sales recognition is important for growing a business and celebrating team members. By honoring top achievers, organizations can improve employee loyalty, strengthen company culture, and grow brand awareness. Sales awards commemorate and inspire the ambitious. With creatively designed pieces, a recognition program can catapult a sales team’s success.


Sales award meaning

Sales awards are used as a sales recognition method. They applaud the top performers of a business. Once they’ve met certain criteria and tackled goals, recipients are rewarded distinguished sales awards to advance their career and the company’s performance.

Types of sales awards

When collaborating with a recognition vendor like Cristaux, organizations can create a design that is special to its brand and values. The following sales awards categories and ideas can help focus a program and design.

1. Achievement award

A sales award for achievement can honor many types of accomplishments. From reaching high record sales to exceeding quarterly quotas, employees can be recognized with custom gifts and trophies. Mementos like these capture unique moments for hardworking individuals and teams.

Salesforce 1 Billion Sales Award

2. Role-based award

There are many people needed for a sales team to achieve great feats. Each person has a unique job and responsibilities. An award for each role can honor every part of a successful department. Different trophies and positions to celebrate include the following.

  • Sales assistant award
  • Sales engineer award
  • Sales executive award
  • Sales operations awards
  • Manager of the year
  • Salesperson of the year

3. Excellence award

Made for top performers and leaders, excellence awards honor those who go above and beyond. Recipients embody company values and excel every day. When designing these awards, consider choosing a premium material like crystal to convey prestige and importance.

4. Growth award

Sales growth awards celebrate progress. The ideal recipient is a team’s most improved player. These creations are inclusive because they can be rewarded to anyone regardless of where they started. A growth award’s criteria aren’t about hitting specific targets but showing improvements and dedication.

Leadership Awards

5. Kickoff award

A sales kickoff typically takes place at the beginning of a fiscal year. During this time, an organization may share a new strategy, tactics, and goals for its sales team to achieve that year. Kickoff awards can help employees hit the ground running by motivating them to be recognized. These creations are important because they set the tone for the rest of the year.

6. Leadership award

Sales leadership awards can celebrate managers, executives, or those who show great leadership potential. These creations can also honor project and team leaders. All in all, leadership awards inspire employees to take charge and to be a role model to others.

7. MVP award

Whether awarded quarterly or yearly, a sales MVP award recognizes the all-stars of an organization. These staff members make important decisions and bring in great business. They hit metaphorical homeruns for their company.

Clear and blue crystal custom President's Club Award

8. Performance award

Sales performance awards can use individual metrics and goals to drive recognition efforts. By focusing on personal progress, management can measure each employee’s success and recognize special achievements for each team member. Also, using data can help leaders select award recipients without bias.

9. President’s club

A president’s club award recognizes a company’s elite group of salespeople. Each year, an organization can induct its top performers into the president’s club. Members can receive unique perks like an all-inclusive vacation. Recognition programs like these motivate employees to be the greatest.


Whether it is a corporate logo cut or a depiction of company culture, a custom branded design can take your recognition to new heights.

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Related awards and departments

Salespeople and departments often overlap with other teams and fields. Without crossover and collaboration, an organization couldn’t accomplish extraordinary goals. Consider recognizing the following areas alongside sales.

  • Customer service
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Product design and development
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Procurement

Two canon member medals

Sales award design ideas

Sales award items can take on different shapes, sizes, and purposes. For instance, award winners can be given a crystal vase instead of an award. This way, they can enjoy something that serves a unique function. Consider other design ideas for your sales recognition programs.

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Sales award names and wording

The best and most creative sales award names are clear, concise, and impactful. Whether writing a letter to go along with an award or deciding on award wording, it’s important to focus on the theme driving the program. To personalize your awards or gifts, consider including the following details.

  • Award name
  • Program name
  • Recipient name
  • Company name
  • Company logo or slogan
  • Inspirational quote
  • Year
  • Performance results

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Innovation Awards Event Recipient Boss Relationship

Sales award ceremony

An awards event can complement and elevate a recognition program. Whether fun or sophisticated, an awards ceremony should be organized with recipients in mind. By creating a meaningful event, businesses show they truly care about recognizing others. Also, these occasions are an opportunity to grow brand awareness.

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Create unique sales awards

Sales awards and gifts recognize deserving employees for driving sales numbers and business results. Tokens of appreciation strengthen business relationships and inspire greatness. By investing in company culture, organizations invest in success.

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