Company Awards: Meaning, Ideas, and Names

Samantha Mikos

Corporate recognition is incomplete without company awards. With exciting ideas, organizations can develop purposeful and effective recognition programs. Strong designs and customized logistics make one-of-a-kind programs possible. At Cristaux, we’ve helped clients create company branded awards and bring visions to life.


What is a company award?

Like a corporate award, a company award is used by a business to recognize others. These pieces complement internal and external recognition programs. Examples include:

  • Employee awards
  • Team awards
  • Recognition awards
  • Appreciation awards
  • Sales awards
  • Safety awards
  • Customer service awards
  • Retail awards
  • Achievement awards
  • Years of service awards

Why are awards important for a company?

What is the purpose of awards? The purpose of awards is to reward achievements and to inspire others. Company awards and gifts bring many benefits that help organizations and teams grow. Consider the following advantages and reasons to recognize others with awards.

  • Businesses and individuals can improve their reputation when awarded by others outside their organization. This can improve competitiveness, standing, and credibility within their industry.
  • Receiving recognition can boost employee morale. Whether for one person or a larger team, awards can remotivate people.
  • Awards inspire others and make recipients feel valued. By giving trophies and gifts, organizations can express gratitude for those who support them.
  • By organizing meaningful programs, companies can show customers, donors, staff, stakeholders, job seekers, and more that recognition is routinely practiced. This adds to a positive company culture.

Hill Smith Years Of Service Wood Metal Trophy

Company award ideas

Company awards can have many different purposes. Some pieces can be for industry leaders, and others may be designed for new employees. The following ideas show some possibilities for award programs.

Employee recognition

Employee appreciation is crucial for a positive company culture. With award programs, organizations can support and inspire their staff members to achieve great feats. These initiatives help grow businesses from the inside out.

Discover ideas and steps to create an employee recognition program.

Deal toys

Celebrating business accomplishments, deal toys are a trademark of the finance industry. These gifts can commemorate acquisitions, mergers, and more. Also, their designs can showcase traditional, modern, and other diverse designs.

Financial Dealtoy Award Crystal Loews Don Cesar Hotel

Sales awards

Sales awards and custom sales trophies recognize dedicated and strong salespeople. Pieces like these inspire team members to exceed quotas and personal goals. Examples of sales recognition programs include a President’s Club and departmental competitions.

Find practical tips for sales team motivation.

Milestone awards

Milestone awards celebrate a wide range of accomplishments. From business anniversaries to retirement celebrations, once-in-a-lifetime accomplishments can be captured with custom awards. Due to the importance of these occasions, they deserve outstanding creations.

Certification programs

A certification program complete with awards can drive engagement with brands. To honor those who complete long-term programs and courses, certification awards mark moments of great achievement. These awards can take the form of plaques, custom medals, and more.

Read this blog post for ideas and examples of certification award programs.

Certification wall plaque metal and acrylic by Cristaux

Safety awards

Safety awards help programs maintain excellent standards by honoring the most dedicated individuals and organizations. These recognition pieces can bring a bit of glamour and elegance to the safety industry. Also, expressing appreciation can help improve safety practices and commitment.

Event awards

Event awards can serve as the centerpiece of any occasion and add to a program’s brand. Whether planning an in-person or virtual awards ceremony, organizations can discover new and exciting ways to present awards. From designing unique pieces to creating custom gift boxes, there are many design concepts that can be brought to life.

Discover award ceremony ideas for your next event.

Company Award Name Ideas

Creative award names are important for the identity of a recognition program. There are endless possibilities for naming awards to capture a company’s personality. Consider the following ideas and tips for naming recognition awards.

  • Be clear. It’s important to be creative so that award names can stand out from others, but clarity should not be sacrificed. Award names should explain why they are being honored.
  • Reflect the kind of program you want. Whether looking for a fun or sophisticated award name, it should mirror the overall program and intention.
  • Feature a founder. By naming an award after someone important to a company, programs can celebrate organizational history and use the founder’s likeness in the design.
  • Make it personal. By choosing names that are meaningful to honorees, organizations can convey greater sincerity and gratitude. Adding personality works especially well for internal recognition programs.

Check out these 50 creative award names for employee recognition.

Lapel Pin Gift Award

Creative company awards

The best company awards revamp recognition programs and promote positive corporate culture. Organizations dedicated to thoughtful awards will reap many benefits and experience great growth.

Browse our portfolio of custom awards to find inspiration for your next design.