Bronze Casted Bull Replica
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Bronze Casted Bull Replica


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White Buffalo Statue 002

The Challenge

The basis and concept behind this award began with the goal of honoring a well known CEO in the finance world, working to find an answer to the question: “how do you create something unique and outstanding for a business mogul who seemingly has everything?” After rounds for brainstorming and creative sessions – the Cristaux team was inspired by the long history of successes that this individual had a hand in. It seemed only fitting to go back to where it all started.

White Buffalo Statue 003

The Solution

The founding company’s logo and brand was built around the mighty American Buffalo. During R&D, the Cristaux strategy and creative teams dug deeper to determine that the “white” buffalo is quite rare, and even considered sacred to some. Additionally, the individual to be honored had a personal connection to the white buffalo, with one on his own private farm. It was a clear figure of importance, so naturally the Cristaux team moved forward with creating a replica out of a bronze casting. After perfecting the details and ensuring production specifications, the buffalo was nearly complete – to be finished with a matte white paint finish. The statue was delivered as a Christmas gift, adorned with a striking red bow. The final product weighed in at over 40 lbs and is truly a monumental honor that the CEO and institution display with great pride and affection.