Direct Drop Shipping for Custom Awards

Samantha Mikos

Freight can come in the form of truck, train, ship or airplane. Sometimes, packages can travel through all four methods before reaching a destination. From factory to warehouse and often traveling further to multiple fulfillment centers, the transport of packages is infinitely bound to encounter error. 

It is a common assumption that no matter the mode of travel, a package will ship with ease. This can be a tough burden because freight is an intricate industry. Many businesses do not have the resources or the skillset to take shipments in-house. It has become the norm for manufacturers to distribute their shipments to third-party transportation to lower costs and avoid liability. 

Packages can be delivered without parts, damaged or can be misplaced in transit. It important to stay proactive about these mishaps. Behind the scenes of every Cristaux project is a Chicago-based production team that is steadfastly working to align every shipment detail with an exemplary, conscientious effort.  

Cristaux branded shipping boxes being loaded into FedEx truck for Drop Ship


Through our experience in shipping, we have discovered that some of the most minute details can make all the difference with shipments and that the smallest mistakes can bare a drastic backlash. 

Most of the crucial details are within the address itself because not all shipping addresses are equal. They can range from a descriptive address, listing anything from a P.O. box number, to addresses that end with “the house next to the church.” This makes it that much more important that as an organization, we sort through these details to make sure shipments are delivered properly and efficiently. 

Our specialists are proficient in the trade of transportation. This has allowed them to pick up on miscellaneous red flags during the shipping process for custom awards. They have the foresight to check office addresses to make sure items aren’t missing, such as floor or unit numbers. If we flag an address, our production department goes on lockdown until we resolve the issue.

Shipping fragile pieces packaging


Our comprehensive understanding of the freight industry allows us to provide a higher standard of customer service. By understanding common shipping roadblocks and idiosyncrasies, we raise the customer service bar by sharing shipping insights with clients. We are on guard to recognize flaws in shipment addresses and identify ways a client can save time or money. Our staff is constantly striving for better results that reflect our commitment to high quality work.  

Our shipment methods hold the same standard of care as the rest of our awards creation process. We provide direct drop shipping for custom awards and other recognition projects, skipping the middleman and keeping quality control in-house. This dedicated service continues with intentional follow-ups after each delivery to maintain that the condition the product arrives in is as promised. We take on the responsibility to guarantee each delivery meets our standards. Ultimately, we are not content until the client is. 

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